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Tonsils are small glands in the throat, initially vital for fighting germs in young children.

They become less significant after age five, and removal is considered if causing frequent sore throats or obstructing breathing.

Why removal?

Removal is recommended for recurrent sore throats affecting school attendance or when enlarged tonsils obstruct breathing, especially during sleep.

Pre Surgery

  • Arrange a couple of weeks off school for the child.
  • Report any recent sore throat or cold before the operation.
  • Disclose any family history of bleeding or bruising problems.

Operation Procedure:

  • Done under general anesthesia, taking approximately 30 minutes.
  • The surgery is a brief procedure  done through the mouth, does not require any cuts or sutures, and recovery varies, most children leaving hospital on the same day.
  • Techniques for removal include traditional methods and modern approaches like electric diathermy and Coblation wands.
  • Post-operation, the child is monitored in a recovery area for about an hour.

Hospital Stay:

  • Tonsil surgery may be performed as a day case or may involve an overnight stay, depending on the hospital and the time of the operation.
  • Discharge occurs when the child is eating, drinking, and feeling well enough.

Possible Complications:

  • Bleeding is the most serious complication, occurring in about 2% of cases.
  • Some children may feel nauseous after the operation, usually resolving quickly.
  • Sore throat, pain, and white appearance are common post-operation, gradually improving.
  • Regular painkillers, avoiding aspirin.
  • Encourage cold  & soft  food intake to aid healing, Ice creams and shakes.
  • Sore ears are normal and usually not indicative of an infection.
  • Throat may appear white, and small threads may be visible, falling out on their own.
  • Watch for signs of throat infection, fever, and bad smell, seeking medical advice if necessary.

Post-Operation Care:

  • Keeping the child at home, away from crowds and ensuring rest, is recommended for 10 to 14 days post-surgery.
  • In case of any bleeding from the throat requires immediate medical attention, either from the GP, ward, or hospital casualty department.
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