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The parotid gland, located in front and below the ears, produces saliva, with two glands on each side.

Lumps in the parotid can result from abnormal overgrowth, often benign but occasionally cancerous.

Reasons for Lump Removal: Although most lumps are non cancerous, removal is recommended due to potential growth, cosmetic concerns, and the risk of malignancy over time.

Parotidectomy Operation: Surgical removal of part or all of the parotid gland performed under general anesthesia.

-An incision from in front of the ear down to the neck is made, typically healing well with minimal scarring. This is same incision used for face lift surgery so cosmetically very safe.

A drain is placed to prevent blood clot collection.

Hospital stay: 24-48 hours post-operation.

Possible Complications:

  • Facial Weakness:Facial nerve damage can lead to temporary or, rarely, permanent weakness.
  • Numbness:Temporary numbness of the face and potentially permanent numbness of the ear lobe.
  • Hematoma occurs in about 5% of patients, may require additional surgery.
  • Salivary Collection: Saliva leakage in 2-5% of patients, may require drainage with a needle.
  • Freys Syndrome( Rare):Red, flushed, and sweaty cheek while eating due to nerve regrowth, treatable with antiperspirant.
  • Recovery: Two weeks off work.
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