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Sinuses, air-filled spaces in the face and head, play a crucial role in nasal breathing and mucus flow. Sinusitis, caused by inflamed or infected sinuses, leads to symptoms like congestion, headaches, and reduced sense of smell. While most cases respond to non-surgical treatments, severe or persistent sinus issues may necessitate Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

FESS is a surgical approach for challenging sinus problems.

It is considered when non-surgical treatments, such as  nasal sprays and oral medications, fail to provide relief.

How the surgery is done?

FESS is typically performed under general anaesthesia, but local anaesthesia is an option.

Using endoscopes and cameras ,microdebriders and  specialized instruments, surgeons unblock sinuses by removing excess tissue or bone.

Post-Operative Care:

Initial congestion and discomfort are common but temporary.

Patients should avoid blowing their nose for the first 48 hours.

Some mucus and blood drainage are normal during the recovery period.

Saline Nasal wash is a must with provided solutions.

Recovery and Return to Work:

Rest at home for at least a week, with heavier physical activity requiring a longer absence.

Specific instructions for post-operative care will be provided.

Possible Complications:

Complications are rare but may include bleeding, eye problems, and spinal fluid leaks.

Serious complications are extremely uncommon, with eye  complications  rarely occurring in one in every five hundred operations, However with advent of Neuronavigation Technology(similar to GPS Guided systems) complications are rare.

In summary, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is a safe and effective option for severe sinus conditions when conservative treatments prove insufficient. Patients considering FESS should engage in open discussions with their healthcare providers to make informed decisions about their treatment plan.

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