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Microlaryngoscopy is the examination of the larynx (voice box) with or without surgical intervention under general anesthesia. Conducted to identify and treat voice box issues, such as hoarseness.

Pre-Surgery Considerations:

  • Inform the surgeon about any history of neck problems.
  • Notify the surgeon of loose or capped teeth.


  • Involves a laryngoscope and microscope for examination, with potential surgery using fine instruments.
  • Biopsy may be taken for laboratory examination, and a laser might be used.
  • Typically a brief operation (under 30 minutes).


  • Throat discomfort is common but can be managed with painkillers.
  • Neck stiffness may rarely occur but is usually temporary.
  • Voice use returns to normal, though temporary worsening may happen if biopsies are taken.
  • Eating and drinking are usually possible later the same day.


  • Microlaryngoscopy is generally very safe.
  • Slightly sore throat is common; extremely rare risk of metal tubes chipping teeth.
  • Surgeon uses a gum guard to prevent tooth damage.

Results and Recovery:

  • Surgeon communicates findings and actions on the same day.
  • Biopsy results may take a few days.
  • Usually, patients can go home on the same day, potentially staying overnight for observation.
  • Return to work timing depends on the job, with a few days off recommended for throat rest.

Alternative Treatment:

Microlaryngoscopy is considered the primary method for a detailed examination of the voice box, with no alternative treatment suggested.

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