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The ear, comprising the outer, middle, and inner ear, plays a vital role in sound transmission. A hole in the eardrum, known as a perforation, can occur due to infection or injury, potentially leading to discharge or hearing loss. Tympanoplasty, a surgical procedure, aims to repair the eardrum, offering benefits such as preventing water entry and improving ear health.


The surgery is done, often under general anesthesia, involves creating a cut behind or above the ear. Other techniques including using a microscope trans-canal tympanoplasty or Using a telescope-Endoscopic tympanoplasty.

A small graft from beneath the skin  is placed against the eardrum to close the perforation.

Dressings may be used, and external dressings or head bandages could be applied.

Myringoplasty is successful in closing small perforations in about 90% and above in most of cases.

Success rates may vary for larger perforations.

Possible Complications:

Taste disturbance: Rare, temporary or permanent alteration in taste.

Dizziness: Common temporarily, rarely prolonged.

Hearing loss: Severe deafness in a small number of cases.

Tinnitus: Ear noise perception may occur.

Facial paralysis: A slight chance of facial muscle paralysis.

Post-Operative Care:

Pain can be managed with prescribed painkillers.

Discharge from the ear may occur, and dressings will be removed by the surgeon.

Keep the ear dry, avoid vigorous nose blowing, and use cotton wool coated with Vaseline during showers.

Recovery and Return to Work:

The recovery period varies, with an estimated two to three weeks off work.

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