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Some children get fluid behind the eardrum. This is called 'serous otitis media' or 'glue ear.' It is very common in young children, but it can happen in adults too.

What are Grommets?

Small plastic tubes placed in a hole in the eardrum to allow air in and out, maintaining ear health.

Why Use Grommets?

Address fluid behind the eardrum, often termed 'glue ear,' which can affect hearing or cause repeated ear infections.

Surgery: Myringinotomy for placement of gromets:

  • Done under short general anesthesia as a day case admission.
  • Microscopic procedure through the ear canal with a small opening in the eardrum.
  • Fluid suctioned out, and grommet placed in the eardrum opening.
  • Procedure duration: 10-20 minutes.

Duration of Grommets:

  • Grommets fall out naturally as the eardrum grows, staying in for around six months to a year or longer in older children.
  • Duration varies, and the falling out may go unnoticed.
  • Alternatives discussed, including steroid nasal sprays, adenoid removal, or hearing aids.

Post-Operation Care:

  • Encourage clear communication with the child.Grommets typically not sore; painkillers can be given if needed.
  • Immediate hearing improvement, but some adjustment may be required.
  • Fewer ear infections; mild infections treated with antibiotic ear drops.

Swimming and Water Precautions:

  • Swimming allowed after a couple of weeks; caution against diving underwater.
  • Earplugs or cotton-wool covered in Vaseline advised for bathing or showering.

Return to Normal Activities:

  • Child can usually return to nursery or school the day after the operation.

Flight and Hearing Checks:

  • Flying in an airplane with grommets is safe; no pressure-related pain.
  • Hearing checks after grommet placement and post-grommet removal check, typically nine to twelve months after the operation.

Potential Complications:

  • Rarely, a small hole in the eardrum may remain after a grommet falls out, usually healing on its own.
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